Game Overview

Welcome to Starship Horizons Adventures, an immersive team-based multiplayer game designed for play at conventions with your crew. In this live-action game, you and your team command your very own starship, taking on the roles of Captain, Flight, Tactical, Science, Operations, and Engineering as you navigate the galaxy together.  

With live NPC actors enhancing the experience, you’ll feel like you’re really aboard a starship as you work together to complete missions and explore the vast Campaign setting. Whether you’re a seasoned LARPer or just looking for a fun time with friends, Starship Horizons is the perfect game to play together and have a blast. So gather your crew, set a course for adventure!


Live RPG, Action, Sci-fi


Live NPC Actors
Up to 6 players

Lead Developer

David “Auric” Hernly
Based on the Steam Game:
Starship Horizions


Joel “Sonata” Everett

Build & Captain Your Own Ship

Embark on an epic journey with your crew at Starship Horizons Adventures, the thrilling live-action game experience that takes place at conventions nationwide. In this game, you’ll be challenged to work together to outfit your very own starship and tackle daring story missions.

With each mission, you’ll collect rewards and gain the resources needed to improve your ship – from top-of-the-line weapons and engines to skilled crew members and even Space Cheese! Every ship is unique, so you’ll have the freedom to customize your vessel to your liking.

Missions typically last for 60 minutes, so check out our upcoming conventions and sign up today to experience the ultimate adventure in space!

Merch Takes your game to the next level