What is this Game?

Starship Horizons Adventures, an immersive team-based multiplayer game designed for play at conventions with your crew. In this live-action game, you and your team command your very own starship, taking on the roles of Captain, Flight, Tactical, Science, Operations, and Engineering as you navigate the galaxy together.


What sets you apart from other Space Sims?

We have live NPC actors enhancing the experience, you’ll feel like you’re really aboard a starship as you work together to complete missions and explore the vast Campaign setting.


Is any prior experience or knowledge required to play?

Not at all! When you join your crew for the briefing, everything will be explained. You’ll collaborate with your crewmates to equip your ship using the provided cards. Additionally, training stations will help you familiarize yourself with the interface and station interactions. A Chief of the Boat (COB) will accompany you on your journey, offering assistance whenever needed during gameplay.


How long are the missions?

Each session is scheduled for a 2-hour duration, consisting of an on-boarding period where you’ll be briefed on your mission, outfit your ship, and familiarize yourself with the various stations. Following this, you’ll transition to your bridge for a 60-minute mission experience. Upon completion, you’ll visit the SNeX (Space Navy Exchange) to receive your hard-earned mission rewards.


How many missions are included in Season 1?

Season 1 features 4 unique missions designed to introduce you to the game’s universe. As cadets, you’ll embark on your exciting new adventures together in the Alliance Navy.


What do the cards do in the game?

Cards are used to equip your ship – from top-of-the-line weapons and engines to skilled crew members and even Space Cheese! Every ship is unique, so you’ll have the freedom to customize your vessel to your liking.


Do I already need to have cards to play?

Absolutely not! You will be provided a pack when you join with your crew and as mission completion rewards.


Will mission completion cards always be the same?

Yes! Completion cards for each mission will always be the same, but your reward card packs will be random with pulls from each season.


Will each seasons cards always be available?

Yes, card seasons are designed to last indefinitely, meaning they never expire. However, obtaining Season 1 cards during Season 2 will require purchasing them through the SNEX. In Season 2, players can acquire Season 2 cards and standard components/resources. For those interested in Season 1 cards, 10-card packs are available for purchase. Please note that the “Pick Your Ultra-Rare” option is exclusive to the current season. To obtain an ultra-rare card from a previous season, players must rely on luck when opening packs or explore the second-hand market.


I just got a Blueprint Card, what’s its purpose?

Blueprint cards enable you to create enhanced upgrades for your ship, typically offering superior benefits compared to regular cards. Crafting these upgrades necessitates the use of multiple resources listed on the Blueprint. At the Space Navy Exchange, you can exchange Blueprint cards for the upgraded card when a Shipworks facility is available, and you’ll receive your new, improved card instantly. Facilities available are posted at the Space Navy Exchange booth.


Can Blueprint cards be reused or kept?

Blueprint cards are single use only, however you will get to keep the card itself, it will just be hole punched.


Will I be able to make older seasons Blueprints?

Yes, blueprints are generally item-agnostic, with a few exceptions. For instance, a blueprint might call for “1 Rare Shield” instead of specifying “1 x Particle Shields ES.” As a result, blueprints won’t expire or become obsolete. While we will continue to release event-specific cards, we will not create event-specific blueprints.


Where do I turn in my Blueprints?

At the Space Navy Exchange (SNeX) – Each convention the SNeX will have different Facilities available to use. There are currently three types, the Alliance Shipworks, Recycling Depot, and Tactical Weapon Depot. The Alliance Shipworks is where you will turn in your Blueprints for use. The Recycling Depot allows you to recycle cards for Raw Materials. The Tactical Weapon Depot lets you upgrade your ordnance.


Do Consumable cards get turned in or consumed when used?

In Season 1, consumable cards, such as ordnance, are not turned in upon use. However, in future seasons, we will begin collecting consumable cards when they are equipped on your ship.


What is the maximum number of upgrades a component can receive?

The number of upgrades a component can receive is dependent on the given card. It is shown in the Blue box with the three up arrows below it. It’s important to note, however, that each upgrade should be distinctive.


Is it possible to attach multiple identical cards if I have remaining upgrade slots?

Generally, the rule is that you cannot equip more than one of the same card unless they are Consumable Cards or Ordnance Cards.


What is the purpose of the Crew Role cards?

Even though Crew Role Cards are currently being phased out, they still provide a triple experience bonus the first time you play a new Role. This equates to 75xp for the first time you play a Role, given the base experience is 25xp. This system will remain in place even as the cards are phased out.


Where can I input my Mission Experience?

To redeem your Mission Experience, you will need to create an account and enter your Experience code in the Update Service Tab on your profile. If you have one of the original cards, you can either submit evidence using the Hail Us option or bring them to the next convention for redemption.


How much Experience can we gain per mission?

You will earn a base of 25xp for each mission. Playing a Station (Role) for the first time provides a tripled experience, yielding 75xp. Be aware that certain cards can enhance the experience gained, and more of such cards will be introduced in future.


What happens if I undertake more than one Role/Station during a mission?

If you take on multiple roles during a mission (‘double up / ghost’) because you’ve purchased multiple tickets, you would be rewarded with an equivalent number of experience reward cards, which can be submitted separately for credit. However, if you play multiple stations without purchasing multiple tickets, you will receive only one experience reward card and you can choose which Role you wish to redeem it for.


How do I earn a Campaign Ribbon?

In order to obtain a Campaign Ribbon, you must complete all missions within a specific campaign at least once.

For instance, to receive the Flight of the Eagle Ribbon in the current campaign, you are required to successfully finish the following missions:

  • Flight of the Eagle
  • Eagle’s Quest
  • Eagle’s Shield
  • Eagle’s Fury


What are the requirements for Rank Advancement?

Cadet – Initial rank for those who are currently enrolled in the Academy.

Ensign – You’ll need to accumulate 150xp and earn at least one unique Campaign Ribbon or Completion.

Vice Lieutenant – This rank requires a total of 500xp and at least one unique Campaign Ribbon or Completion.

Lieutenant – You’ll need 1,000xp along with at least two unique Campaign Ribbons or Completions.

We’ll be releasing details for advancing to further ranks as the storyline continues to develop.


What are Flight Hours?

Flight hours will be used in the future to offer players unique rewards such as double exp. or extra material cards.